What is RISE with SAP?

Like when SAP HANA was unveiled in 2011, RISE with SAP is not a brand-new product. RISE with SAP is characterised as a collection of already-existing SAP assets that concentrates on giving customers business transformation-as-a-service, as opposed to developing a set of new features. Several official blog articles were published on the SAP Community and SAP News the day that RISE with SAP was made public, explaining some of its major functions and the inspiration for the creation of the product. However, as many questions, as it resolved, new ones regarding its intended use surfaced. Let’s explore the product in more detail to better understand RISE with SAP. 


The Basics of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP enables businesses to begin using SAP cloud solutions. Because it eliminates a lot of the uncertainty and sporadic licence payments from corporate planning, it speeds up the adoption of the cloud. Customers are given all the tools they require. The six core business categories that were chosen for RISE with SAP were examined for consumer trends and perhaps other internal analyses of SAP products. The presence of a single means of economic reality for auditors and managers to use in reporting, as well as the rationalization lists that come with each version of SAP S/4HANA, are examples of how SAP has a long history of incorporating simpler and more effective operations into its products.

Solutions Included in RISE with SAP

The following solutions, tools, and services are available to those who purchase a RISE with SAP licence. 

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite

For businesses wishing to avoid running the system on-premise, SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the hosted version of the company’s flagship enterprise resource planning suite, SAP S/4HANA. A number of line-of-business solutions covering finance, supply chain and supplier relationship management, sales, and R&D are a part of this suite, and additional choices are being developed. The programme is powered by SAP HANA, which offers real-time business analytics and data.


System Hosting Options

Customers must select a system host because SAP S/4HANA Cloud is, well, run in the cloud. While a few hyper scalers also provide the option to host a SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution, SAP gives clients the option to execute the solution on SAP servers. These have historically included Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

With the aid of the SAP Business Network Starter Pack, clients can connect with the suppliers, carriers, and other assets that are trading partners in the source-to-pay process. The pack supports managers in a number of ways, including making it simple to find and qualify suppliers, managing inventory, tracking assets as they travel, improving customer transparency through support, combining asset management and maintenance processes, performing performative analytics, and more.


SAP BTP Consumption Credits

Instead of giving a collection of predefined tools, SAP offers RISE with SAP licence users cloud credits to use on various SAP Firm Technology Platform (SAP BTP) areas because every business is unique. Platform-as-a-Service SAP BTP is centred on the intelligent enterprise. All of the functionality that was a part of the now-retired SAP Cloud Platform brand name is included in its four pillars. The four pillars are database and data administration, analytics, application development, and integration with non-SAP systems. For more information, click here