Travel With Sex Toys

In the event that your vibrator goes off at security or the TSA believes your dildo looks like a weapon, what should you do next?

Vacationing is a nightmare for some people, filled with administrative red tape and social minefields that leave them frustrated and desirous of a little respite from their hectic lives. Others use it as an opportunity to get away from the stresses of the rest of the year, which may give their libido a slight boost. 

In either case, sex toys can be useful in a variety of situations. As Natasha Marie of the sex technology business MysteryVibe describes them, they are either “a lifeline to sanity” during the frequently difficult Christmas season, or “additional holiday spice” for either solo or coupled sexual encounters.

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Although it is not uncommon for people to be apprehensive about bringing a toy on a flight, there are several terrible stories about airport security agents pulling them out in front of a crowd during a search or freaking out when a vibrator unintentionally goes off inside a suitcase. 

It’s natural to be concerned about discretion when spending the holidays with family or friends. After all, what if someone you don’t want to know about your private life comes across your favorite toy in a communal location or overhears you playing with it? 

These issues are all valid. But a dozen sex toy producers and retailers and sex educators, told Mashable they’re all easy to lessen or prevent if you keep a few basic rules and strategies in mind. We’ve put all of their suggestions into a short and dirty guide to vacation travel with toys in tow. 

The good news is that, in theory, both carry-on and checked luggage in the United States are allowed to contain any form of sex toy. (Most countries operate in a similar manner.) However, sex toys are prohibited in a few nations. As a result, before flying internationally, carefully check local legislation.) 

However, there is one major exception to this general rule: if a security agent believes you could use a toy as a weapon, you won’t be allowed to bring it onboard in a carry-on bag.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict which objects will be subjected to such scrutiny. A large metal dildo, for example, might pass one security check without trouble yet be recognised as a potentially deadly cudgel in another. Much of this is based on individual TSA agents’ perceptions and discretion. Carol Queen, a staff sexologist at the toy retailer Good Vibrations, points out that children are frequently overworked and may be inexperienced with a wide range of toys. However, she and others have discovered that BDSM gear triggers security’s threat sensors more frequently than other goods. “Ropes, shackles, and impact toys, particularly solid ones like wooden bats or high-density plastic paddles  could set off alarm bells for a screener,” Queen explains.

And of course, if your toy is delicate  like a porcelain or glass toy make sure that you pack it in a secure travel container. Or at least wrap it in clothes. You don’t want it to shatter in transit.