Tips On How To Ensure Your Sex Toy Is Clean

First and foremost, you’ll need to locate the appropriate soap. Experts suggest using a moderate hand or dish soap that isn’t perfumed. Your vaginal microbiota is kept in balance by the pH of your vagina. The chemicals in scented soaps might upset your pH balance, making you more susceptible to illnesses. You’ll also want to make sure the soap you choose isn’t too heavy so that it doesn’t leave a residue on your toys.

Things are going to become a lot more detailed now that we’ve established that. 

Experts’ cleaning instructions for sex toys are as follows:

Is your toy latex-based or elastomer-based? Because porous materials are more temperature-sensitive than nonporous materials, they may distort if subjected to too much heat. If your toy vibrates, use a warm, moist, soapy towel to clean it. Run the toy under warm water and wipe it with a soapy towel if it doesn’t vibrate (or if it does but isn’t waterproof).

Is your elastomer toy constructed from a skin-like material? Do the same method you did with the toys described above, but don’t put too much soap on them. This may harm the material, causing it to lose its desirable skin-like texture.

Is the toy you’re playing with composed of ABS plastic? If it vibrates, you may wipe it clean with a moist cloth and light soap, or if it doesn’t, you can wash it with water and mild soap, much like an elastomer or latex toy. (Or if it vibrates but is water-resistant.)

Is the toy you’re playing with composed of soda-lime glass? This kind of glass is susceptible to temperature changes (which is part of why it can be so much fun during sexual play). Soda-lime glass toys should be washed in the same manner as latex or elastomer toys.

Is it borosilicate glass, silicone, or metal that your toy is composed of? These toys, like the toys above, may be cleaned with mild soap and warm water or a moist, soapy rag. If your borosilicate glass, silicone, or stainless-steel toys don’t vibrate, you may disinfect them by boiling them for 3 to 4 minutes. Experts advise against boiling gold sex toys since they are merely gold-plated and may include other elements. They also warn against washing these toys in the dishwasher, despite the fact that some people encourage it since the dishwasher might leave soap residue behind.

Only borosilicate glass and stainless-steel toys are safe for bleaching, according to the experts, but you don’t have to go to this trouble. It is sufficient to wash as recommended above. If you do decide to bleach a sex toy, Experts recommend using a mild mix of one part bleach to ten parts water. Soak the toy for 10 to 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse it before washing it with mild soap and water. Bleach is a no-no for your vaginal area during masturbation and adjacent areas. Before you use the toy, ensure sure there is no evidence of it.

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