The Guide to Bottle Feed Your Baby

Do you doubt bottle-feeding your baby at such an early stage? Here’s the good news: most babies have no trouble with sucking from a baby bottle nipple, especially when they have gotten used to it early on. Apart from that, there are benefits to feeding your baby with a bottle from the beginning. Also, there are plenty choices of baby bottle online Malaysia you could choose from. 

When to introduce your baby to baby bottles

If you’re solely going to bottle-feed the child, the best time to start is immediately after birth. However, if you decide to breastfeed, it is preferable for you to do so for the first three weeks before introducing bottle feeding. The baby can refuse bottle feeding if you wait much longer since it has grown accustomed to breastfeeding. 

How to bottle-feed your baby

Prepare the bottle

Follow the preparation instructions on the canister, after carefully reading them. Each formula requires different ratios of powder. Plus, it could be dangerous for your little one if you add too much or too little water to the formula. 

You don’t need to reheat the milk if your baby is happy drinking it cold. Place the milk in warm or hot water for a few minutes if your baby prefers warm milk, though. Never reheat milk in a microwave; doing so could cause mouth burns for your child.

Test the bottle

You must shake the formula in the bottle and check the temperature before feeding the child. Test the temperature by applying a few drops to your wrist. It’s acceptable if it feels lukewarm.

Feed your baby comfortably

It’s crucial to settle down while feeding your infant because it will take some time. Place a pillow at your side and support the baby’s head with your arm so you don’t get too exhausted. Instead of holding the bottle straight up and down, maintain an angle. This makes the milk flow more steadily, preventing choking or coughing for your baby.

Nipple check

Pay attention to how your baby sounds as it sips. If you hear gulping and sputtering as well as milk dribbling out of your baby’s mouth, then the flow of the bottle might be too fast. If the baby is sucking too hard and is frustrated, then the milk flow is too slow. To fix this problem, loosen the cap a bit or try a new nipple. 

How much should a baby drink? 

Only feed the baby with how much it is hungry for. Hence, for the first week of your newborn,  your baby would probably drink about 1 – 3 ounces. Increase the ounces as your baby grows as the demand will increase as well. The rules apply the same if you are combining broken milk with formula or pumped milk.