Should You Store Your Data Locally Or Cloud

If you are thinking of storing your data be it for business purposes or for personal stuff, you start considering whether your data is best stored locally with an external hard drive, or through a cloud server backup Malaysia. In this article, we will tell you what you need to know between these two options.

Local Storage

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There are various methods of storing digital data locally, such as hard disc drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), or external storage devices, such as thumb drives, CDs, external hard drives and so on.

The advantage of storing your data to local storage is there isn’t a risk of data leak as all of it is stored in a device. Furthermore, you will have complete control over how the data is stored, who has access and information security. It will be under your control. On top of that, accessing data stored on your local storage device is faster than uploading and downloading it from the cloud.

The risk factor that you need to consider when choosing local storage is you are at risk of losing your entire data when the device is damaged or broken completely. Another factor is the cost of the local storage. As you know, the bigger the storage, the more expensive it is. Next, accessibility and collaboration suffer as a result of this total control.

Cloud Storage

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The process of cloud storage is when digital data is stored in an online space across various servers and locations. The data is usually maintained by a data hosting company such as iCloud to give an example.

One of the pros of choosing cloud storage is that you are able to access your files anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection. If there is a case of hard drive failure, you can still retrieve your files on the cloud server. The benefit of cloud storage is that it can act as a backup for your local storage. Another advantage of choosing cloud storage is that it has a big storage space that local storage could not compete with. Of course, this feature comes with a fee.

The risk factor of choosing cloud storage is that there is a risk of your data getting hacked. Albeit, with cloud storage companies tightening their security, the chances of getting it is low but not impossible. Another risk is that you need to rely on the host server to constantly update their security and software to ensure their server stays up to date from getting hacked by cyber hackers.

Which will you choose?

With local storage and cloud storage having their own ups and downs, which one do you think is the best option for you? While many businesses today rely more on cloud storage as it is easy to maintain, there are still some businesses out there going for a hybrid route where they use local storage and cloud storage to enjoy the best of both worlds.