How to Pick an Accurate Baby Bottle for Babies?  

This article mainly provides the general guidelines for choosing the best baby bottle for newborn babies. Having a baby is by far the most exciting moment in your life as you now hold a huge responsibility to become a parent. When it comes to the items in need, nothing is more important than a baby bottle as babies need to be fed every 30 minutes to one hour, especially newborns. Bottles with venting systems, glass bottles, dishwasher-safe bottles, and bottles that you can pump into are all available. A good bottle, according to paediatricians, has a few crucial elements. Every baby is unique, so the bottle that works best for one may not be the greatest for another. So without further ado, let us take a look at how to pick an accurate baby bottle according to the babies’ age range and the usage of the bottle.

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  1. Best Baby Bottles for Newborns

Marketing and beautiful designs may often get in the way of picking a bottle, obscuring what matters most: that the bottle serves its function well and isn’t too expensive. Evenflo’s Balance+ bottles are a highlight among parents and physicians, and there are “slow flow” nipple alternatives for young newborns. Dr Krupa Playforth, a paediatrician in Virginia, noted, “These bottles all have more progressive, sloping nipple forms that more closely mimic a human nipple.” “As a result, rather than a sudden change, which is true of many other bottles, the latch is more physiologically consistent.” “I felt that this would preserve my nursing relationship with my kid, which I had put my heart and soul into,” Christy H., a mother, stated.

  1. Best Baby Bottles for Breast Feeding

It’s also simpler for a baby to get more than just the tip of the nipple into their mouth because of the curve of the nipple. This implies that feeding with a Lansinoh bottle is a little closer to the physiological experience a baby would have at the breast, where they get both the areola and the tip of the nipple in their mouth, according to Playford. These bottles are very simple to clean, as they just have a few pieces. Moms particularly praised the smaller size, which fits easily into a diaper bag or a handbag.

  1. Best Baby Bottles for Gas and Reflux

According to Dr Kelly Fradin, a paediatrician in New York City, “there is very little data to prove that this insert is the cause of thousands of parents’ experiences.” However, a preemie nipple with a higher flow rate than other brands and a smaller nipple with a progressive slope may be benefiting newborns with reflux or colic, according to Playford. Some specialists discovered that some of these gas and reflux-type baby bottles were effective for babies who were having difficulty transitioning to a bottle, and they said that I could use the bottle with or without the venting device.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of baby bottle is the best, as long babies enjoy their feed is the best consultation for new parents. Thus, to ensure your baby has a good feed, please visit the baby bottle online in Malaysia