Family Medicine- What it is and Why it Matters.

academy for family doctors in Malaysia

Family medicine is a primary care medical specialty that provides ongoing and comprehensive health care to individuals and families of all ages, genders, diseases, and body parts. A family physician is a specialist who is usually a primary care physician. It’s commonly referred to as general practice, and a general practitioner is a practitioner who specializes in general practice. Historically, every doctor who graduated from a medical school and worked in the community used to fill this job. Since the 1950s, however, family medicine / general practice has evolved into a distinct specialty with unique training requirements adapted to each country. The titles of the specialties reflect their holistic character and/or their familial heritage. It is based on the patient’s knowledge in the context of his or her family and community, with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion.

Family medicine has long been recognised as critical for attaining population-wide health coverage. Whereas the family physician used to be a trusted first point of contact for health issues, they are now at the forefront of chronic disease treatment, paediatric and women’s healthcare, family planning, and mental health management.

Family physicians finish a bachelor’s degree, medical school, and three years of specialized family medicine residency training. Rotations in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, emergency medicine, and geriatrics, as well as electives in a variety of other fields, are all part of their residency programme. For the duration of their residency, residents must also care for a panel of continuity patients in an outpatient “model practice.” Through all phases of life, the specialty focuses on treating the whole person, taking into account the effects of all environmental circumstances. Family physicians are experts in common problems and will see anyone with any ailment. In addition to caring for patients of all ages, many family physicians deliver newborns.

academy for family doctors in Malaysia

Education and Training.

There is a scarcity of family physicians, according to many sources (and also other primary care providers, i.e. internists, pediatricians, and general practitioners). Since 1998, the per capita supply of primary care physicians has increased by around 1% every year. The number of D.O. graduates and graduates of foreign medical schools who pursue primary care residencies have more than compensated for a recent fall in the number of M.D. graduates choosing a residency in primary care. Nonetheless, forecasts show that by 2020, demand for family physicians would outstrip supply.

Shortage of Family Doctors.

The decline in interest in family medicine is likely attributable to a number of causes, including the specialty’s lower prestige, lower salary, and an increasingly frustrating practice environment. Family physicians earn respectable salaries, but they are lower than the national average of that of physicians. When faced with medical school debt, however, most medical students choose a higher-paying specialty. Despite the fact that family physicians are trained to address acute and chronic health issues for an individual at the same time, their appointment slots may only last ten minutes on average.

The Malaysia-Ireland Training Programme for Family Medicine is a specialized degree that has been designed with specific parameters in mind. 

It is managed and delivered by RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) using the Irish College of General Practice (ICGP) curriculum and assessment. The programme delivers a curriculum specifically adapted for the Malaysian context.

Training is conducted in local schemes and has flexibility in delivery- with adherence to the national curriculum & assessments.

The programme is taught & supervised by Industry Professionals who consist of Family Medicine Specialists & Consultants.

Our candidates undertake two years in hospital practice and two years in Family Medicine clinics within the same scheme.

Candidates will be placed in ONE of the THREE (3) available schemes below:

  • Southern
  • Central
  • Northern

RUMC is the best academy for family doctors in Malaysia!

academy for family doctors in Malaysia