Best Shipping In Labuan With Altus Malaysia!

We do acknowledge that there are so many industries that have been a big contributor to the economy for the entire time. However, there are still industries out there that have been sleeping on how important it could be for economic growth. We often see the one that is near or we are currently using it on a daily basis such as in the automotive industry, food industry, clothes industry and house industry. If you know more than this, good for you then! But as we speak about other industries that also have a big contribution to the economy, do you know what else? Have you ever thought of the shipping industry and how they contribute to the economy? Then you have to stay and keep up with us to know more about the best shipping company in Labuan. 

If back then we used to think that this kind of matter is not really important for us to think about, it is time to change the mindset because shipping industries are also as important as the other industries. Do you know how it will benefit the economy? Shipping industry indeed includes all foods, technology, medicines, clothes, daily needs and even memories which is undeniable to say that it is not contributing at all. To be specific, as the population in Labuan has continued to grow, this kind of shipping transportation needs low-cost and efficient solutions from maritime. This is where Altus Malaysia can actually help with that issue!

Important things you have to know about Altus Malaysia

#1 Who is Altus Malaysia?

Altus Malaysia was established in 2010 in a small office in Johor, but as it continues to grow, Altus then open their branches at Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Tok Bali, Kemaman, Kuantan, Johor, Port Klang and Kuala Lumpur. It is divided into 3 cores segments which are for Marine solution, Oilfield solution and Logistics solution.

#2 What services can Altus Malaysia offer you?

  • Being the best shipping solution company in Malaysia, Altus Malaysia is committed in giving the best services that will include almost everything to ensure the clients’ needs are fulfilled. Which includes:
  • The supply base operations.
  • The project logistics.
  • The customs brokerage.
  • The shipping agency.
  • The freight forwarding.

#3 The best shipping solution that you can have from Altus Malaysia

Altus Malaysia aimed to be the only company that can serve your needs in shipping matters, knowing that customers are always dealing with the struggles of handling vessel calls at foreign ports. Often they need to deal with immigration, customs, marine department, health and quarantine divisions, port operators and authorities are indeed challenging. This is why Altus will help you to ease this. Their services includes:

  • Vessels inward and outward clearance.
  • Doing the port services.
  • Government agencies formalities.
  • Responsible for crew handling of work permit and pass, OKTB, letter of guarantee, meets and greets, accommodation and transportation.
  • Bunkering.
  • Husbanding and ship supplies.
  • Doing the minor onboard repair.

This is a sign for you to start using Altus Malaysia as your shipping company in Labuan!